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Losing weight with CBD – is CBD really suitable for diets?

Obesity and overweight is, of course, a current problem in many countries. Not because you think of fat people not as ideals, but because of the health problems associated with being overweight.

In the United States, about 30% of the entire population lives with obesity, in Germany, there are as many as 24%, and we can expect around 2.2 billion people worldwide.

Morbid obesity is a serious and permanent problem, so people are always looking for new solutions for it. Could one of these solutions be the use of the CBD?

Symptoms of obesity and overweight

Weight loss trends that are popular today do not mean that it is related to obesity per se. In this case, talking about losing weight as a fashion or lifestyle. On the contrary, underweight can also cause health to suffer. But how to achieve a healthy balance now?

Obesity is most often happening due to a wrong or one-sided diet. In fact, our food has a tremendous impact on our appearance, as evidenced by countless studies. Not only in terms of weight, but also of the organs functioning or what your hair or skin looks like. Yes, improper food intake over a period of time changes our appearance.

The body often lacks exercise. Human is a complex musculoskeletal system that has to be continuously kept in work. Due to the lack of exercise, the body does not burn calories or is no longer able to excrete harmful substances naturally. Thus, they accumulate in the body.

In addition to the lack of exercise in everyday life for many obese people, drug abuse is one of the reasons why more and more fats accumulate in the human body. Other people have mental health problems that are automatically compensated by a constant craving for unhealthy food.

People tend to create a spiritual balance through eating. While some need a cigarette or alcohol to relieve stress supposedly, for others such a “panacea” is food.

People are always prone to something addicting. Smoking, drugs, food, even coffee can affect your health at the psychological or physical level.

Of course it should be mentioned at this point that also various metabolic diseases lead to obesity. However, these can be treated with special medicines. Not many can claim to be responsible for obesity.

The role of CBD in obesity treatment

Obesity is usually associated with the desire to lose weight. For this you need to have a strong will and significantly change the diet. At this point, CBD can help with this, or, even better, help you lose weight.

Accordingly, it can be stated: yes, with CBD, weight loss is possible. However, it is impossible to lose weight only because of the use of cannabidiol. Does taking cannabidiol allow you to lose weight or stimulate metabolism? Not quite.

Obesity is, as already explained, as a disease, more specifically an addiction. And that is why we can speak of a kind of weaning, even if it is not a real drug. The constant desire for food can be treated, wherein CBD can help fight the addiction.

Moreover, CBD has several stimulants that induce cells to degrade proteins and fats in the human body. Furthermore, cannabidiol, among other things, can positively affect the metabolism, which in turn benefits the fat burning. Of course only in combination with a resumed regular movement. Cannabidiol can curb, block or inhibit fat cell renewal. The perfect properties to start a diet in combination with CBD.

Losing weight with cannabidiol in practice

Daily X drops of CBD oil guarantee the loss of extra pounds? Not quite. Even losing weight requires discipline and a certain initiative. The CBD can be considered in this case as a support, but not as a sole means.

Anyone who moves regularly can continue to stimulate his metabolism thanks to CBD. For example, in cases when it got slower due to a yearlong lack of physical activity. If the diet is correct, CBD helps to destroy existing fat cells and inhibits the setting of new ones.

Note: As for the dosage and intake of CBD oil (capsules, etc.), no specific statements can be made. CBD oils and other preparations containing CBD are listed as supplements and are freely available. Various recommendations can serve as a guideline or orientation, but the intake itself must be self-responsible. However, no side effects are known in this area.

CBD and its effects during a diet

Cannabidiol is a natural product and helps the body on many levels. Since obesity is often associated with depression or other mental health problems, cannabidiol can also help here. It is already known that there are positive changes in the area of depression and even anxiety.

Furthermore, the CBD can also act on and stimulate the cardiovascular system. The latter is not uncommon in obesity, because of the lack of exercise and fatty parts of the body make the circulatory system weakened.

And those who suffer from joint pain and inflammation, which is also an unknown side effect of obesity, can achieve success with cannabidiol.


Of course, the person should not necessarily be pronounced obese to apply the CBD diet. Even people who want to lose weight due to their personal preferences can supplement their diet plan with cannabidiol. It has been proven that CBD should also suppress appetite and prevent cravings for food, which is different for each person, but it could be worth trying.

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